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Our offer

Tax settlements

Is English bureaucracy killing you?

You do not know how to file a tax return? Do not worry, we will help you arrange all the formalities.

Services for Limited Liability Companies

„Ltd.” means a limited liability company.

We decided to use our expertise to help establish such companies in the UK.

Allowances and Benefits

Check if you can also obtain it.

Many Poles living in the UK get the benefit, which support the household budget.

Certified translations

Institutions in the UK tend to be unforgiving in terms of formality.

To fill them duly use a certified translation, which will translate all your documents into English.


Insure yourself with AS Accountancy!

Just looking to the future you have the chance to ensure safety for your family and give them peace of mind for years to come.

Your stay in the UK

You can always count on us

You have just come to te UK and do not know how to do some paperwork? We will help you settle already in the first weeks of your stay.


We will take care of everything – starting from the submission of documents and opening company accounts to a continuous and reliable accounting care.



Are you applying for the position or want to find a job in the UK?

With the help of people who have an excellent understanding of the local labour market, you will create application documents that will increase your chances in the fight for a dream job.

Other services

How else can we help you?

Have you got a trouble or a problem that requires the support of a professional? Contact us today and arrange a meeting.

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