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[icon icon_type=”fontawesome” class=”” icon=”globe” title=”Tax settlements” url=”tax-settlements” subtitle=”Is English bureaucracy killing you?” icon_color=”#ffffff” icon_bg_color=”#163651″ icon_fontawesome=”fa fa-handshake-o”]You do not know how to file a tax return? Do not worry, we will help you arrange all the formalities.[/icon]
[icon icon_type=”fontawesome” class=”” icon=”archive” title=”Services for Limited Liability Companies” url=”services-for-limited” subtitle=”„Ltd.” means a limited liability company.” icon_color=”#ffffff” icon_bg_color=”#163651″]We decided to use our expertise to help establish such companies in the UK.[/icon]
[icon icon_type=”fontawesome” class=”” icon=”support” title=”Allowances and Benefits” url=”allowances-and-benefits” subtitle=”Check if you can also obtain it.” icon_color=”#ffffff” icon_bg_color=”#163651″ icon_fontawesome=”fa fa-money”]Many Poles living in the UK get the benefit, which support the household budget.[/icon]
[icon icon_type=”fontawesome” class=”” icon=”thumbs-o-up” title=”Certified translations” url=”certified-translations” subtitle=”Institutions in the UK tend to be unforgiving in terms of formality.” icon_color=”#ffffff” icon_bg_color=”#163651″ icon_fontawesome=”fa fa-pencil”]To fill them duly use a certified translation, which will translate all your documents into English.[/icon]
[icon icon_type=”fontawesome” class=”” icon=”bank” title=”Insurance” url=”insurance” subtitle=”Insure yourself with AS Accountancy!” icon_color=”#ffffff” icon_bg_color=”#163651″]Just looking to the future you have the chance to ensure safety for your family and give them peace of mind for years to come.[/icon]
[icon icon_type=”fontawesome” class=”” icon=”pencil” title=”Your stay in the UK” url=”your-stay-in-the-uk” subtitle=”You can always count on us” icon_color=”#ffffff” icon_bg_color=”#163651″ icon_fontawesome=”fa fa-users”]You have just come to te UK and do not know how to do some paperwork? We will help you settle already in the first weeks of your stay.[/icon]


We will take care of everything – starting from the submission of documents and opening company accounts to a continuous and reliable accounting care.

[icon icon_type=”fontawesome” class=”” icon=”pencil” title=”CV” url=”cv-en” subtitle=”Are you applying for the position or want to find a job in the UK?” icon_color=”#ffffff” icon_bg_color=”#163651″]With the help of people who have an excellent understanding of the local labour market, you will create application documents that will increase your chances in the fight for a dream job.[/icon]
[icon icon_type=”fontawesome” class=”” icon=”globe” title=”Other services” url=”other-services” subtitle=”How else can we help you?” icon_color=”#ffffff” icon_bg_color=”#163651″]Have you got a trouble or a problem that requires the support of a professional? Contact us today and arrange a meeting.[/icon]

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