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Tax settlements

Is English bureaucracy killing you?

You do not know how to file a tax return? Do not worry, we will help you arrange all the formalities.


  • You work in the UK,
  • you run a business,
  • have a CIS card,
  • you are a company director / partner in a partnership,
  • you have income from property / dividends or from abroad,
  • have earned the income on which tax has not been paid,
  • you achieve very high incomes.

you have an obligation to settle the income in the tax office by submitting a tax return (Tax Return).

We are specialists

We know the issues of the British tax law like nobody else, therefore we will lodge on your behalf all the necessary documents. We will do all this so that you can focus on your professional development, not on taxes and bureaucracy. Do you want to know more? Phone us: 0203 235 0160, or Write to us: