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SELF-EMPLOYMENT Registration£25
Registration of a Limited Liability Company£39
Preparing an application to obtain a CSCS card£55
Repeating the CSCS exam£35
Registering a new employer£45
Preparation of a draft of a contract£60
Business bank account (Barclays, HSBC, NatWest)£20
Child Benefit£45+70
Maternity Allowance£55
Sure Start Maternity Grant£55
Tax Credits (Working Tax Credit / Child Tax Credit)£50
Annual Declaration Tax Credits£25
Tax Credit appeal£120
Housing Benefit + Council Tax Benefit£55-90
The application for a flat to be obtained from the City Council£120+
Change of address£25
An appeal from a G24 decision£30
A letter describing the reason for the appeal£40-120
Making an appointment on the NIN / bank account£20
Language support during an interview£50
Making calls up to 10 minutes£25
A letter to the office – 1 page£50
Application for a Provisional / Full Driving Licence£40
Online settlement registration£25
Income £0£45
Gross income £1 – £9,400£65
Gross income £9,400- £15,000£95
Gross income £15,001 – £30,000£130
Gross income £30,001 – £60,000£180
Gross income above £60,001to be agreed
Settlement of a partnership company£250
Closing the National Insurance Contribution account (always while closing SELF-EMPLOYED company)£20
Letter requesting cancellation of the penalty for late settlement£40
Settlement of VAT (quarterly)£120
Settlement of VAT (flat rate scheme)£70-90
Settlement of Ltd. Company£450+
Settlement of the Ltd. dormant company£120
Payroll – annual settlement£110
Payroll – monthly settlement of up to 3 employees£55
Payroll – monthly settlement from 3 to 10 employees£110
Payroll – monthly settlement for each additional person£10
Assistance in recovering the overpaid TAX RETURN£40
Letter from an accountant£25-65
Profit and loss account / Statement of earnings£25
Birth certificate/ Marriage certificate/ Car Insurance£25
Matriculation certificate£40
University degree diploma£35