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Services for Limited

The abbreviation „Ltd.” means a limited liability company.

Since running this type of companies may even in Poland cause trouble, we decided to use our expertise to help establish such companies in the UK.

Running a limited liability company brings many benefits. In contrast to conducting an individual business (Self Employed) it does not impose financial liability going beyond the contributions made as the capital of the company. This means that in case of failure of the project we are financially liable only to the extent that was made as a contribution to the assets of the company. This fact is very advantageous for those who prefer to separate private matters from their business. Although in fact the establishment and operation of a Limited Liability Company is not black magic, you do not need to know the formalities required in the UK.

Take care of the company

In order to ensure that your company prospers and grows rapidly, you can focus on what you do best and what experience you have. You can leave other issues to AS Accountancy specialists who will lead all formal matters – from the submission of the relevant registration documents, by regular bookkeeping, and cost optimisation.. Is it worth to establish a Limited Liability Company? You have to answer this question yourself. Before you finally decide, consult our specialists and decide which form of business will best suit your needs and aspirations. Apart from the Ltd. Company you also have a choice: Self-Employment – the form of running a business as an individual person. Within this business activity can hire employees and it is the simplest form of doing business in the UK. Partnership – an analogous company to the Polish civil company, but more close the Self-Employed structure. Partnership remains in the possession of two or more persons who jointly share the losses or profits generated by the company. You do not need to know today what form of activity you would like to choose – please contact us and learn what opportunities you have: Phone us: 0203 235 0160, or Write to us: